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november and that looks even better. >>> mitt romney celebrating an early lead this super tuesday. in the past 20 minutes he has won a key battleground state. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. mitt romney is picking up six states. romney wins the state of ohio with 38% of the vote and a margin of 12,000 votes. we have live team coverage. amber lee has been talking to bay area voters. we begin with ken wayne who breaks down today's victory. >> reporter: there was no clean sweep tonight. elections were held in 10 states and each candidate expect ron paul claimed victories. mitt romney pulled out a win in massachusetts, vermont, , virginia and idaho. right now he's picked up eight additional delegates giving him a total of 351. let's move on to rick santorum. he gets an additional 68 delegates for a grand total of 156 delegates. we move on to the next candidate. newt gingrich he stays alive with the critical win of georgia. that gives him 52 more delegates today for a total of 85. and finally, the fourth major candidate, ron paul who is promising to
. why rick santorum referred to mitt romney as a liar today. the news continues in 90 seconds 0 . >>> the san mateo sheriff's office is looking for a marine gone missing. it has been more than a week since he went missing. ktvu's jade henderson hernandez has more. >> reporter: that is right, today, from the people search food the man, he is 27 years old, his family has not seen him since march the 2nd. this command unit operated here, where search dogs fanned out. the 32-acre pacifica park is where joseph mchenry was going to rock climb and stay overnight. he has not been seen since friday, march 2. his vehicle was found near the golf course, and the small scale search began. >> we continue to believe there is a possibility in the search area, which is why we're looking. we did find gear during our search on thursday. >> reporter: they expanded the search and rescue last thursday to 40 people, the same number of searchers looked through the area yet again today. >> we're searching the ocean area along the pacifica coast here, as well as the inland areas from the bluff. that is a
jackpot and we'll show you the winning numbers. >>> and mitt romney poured millions into illinois. tonight's election results right after the break and how each candidate is spinning the news. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. [ male announcer ] aggressive new styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the new c-class, with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. the c-class starts at just $34,800. it's amazing...inside and out. whatcah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy, i've got tons of blue jeans. frank! frank! get my jean bin, susie wants my jeans. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >>> now to the race for the white house and the results of tonight's republican primary in illinois. really wasn't much of a contest. mitt romney was d
later. no one was injured. >>> presidential candidate mitt romney is coming to the pay area for a high dollar fundraiser. the top gop candidate will appear at an event in redwood city hosted by meg whitman. tickets start at $1,000 and run as high as $25,000. romney heads to stockton on tuesday then moves on to southern california. campaign officials say romney has spent more than he expected at this point in the campaign. he's down to about $7 million in cash but still has more than $40 million in his super pack. rick santorum will follow romney to california for a fundraiser on thursday. the founder on online marketplace mark pine will host the event at his home in alamo. the big difference between his fundraiser and romney is the cost of ticket. for santorum they will start at $125. almost $900 less than romney and only goes as high as $1,200. >>> for a limited number of tickets to hear arguments on the health law challenge, most of those in line are paid line sitters. some of whom have been camping out now since friday. the court expects to hand out about 50 free seats tomorrow morn
.41 a gallon. >>> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney won an overwhelming victory today with the puerto rican primary. the former massachusetts governor had 83% of the vote. rick santorum had 8%, gingrich 2% and ron paul 1%. the big prize this week is illinois and mitt romney's lead in the polls there has been shrinking. today both he and rick santorum knocked each other for being too much like president obama. >> santorum has the same background as the president. right now we need somebody that understands the economy fundamentally. senator santorum has the same economic lightweight the president does. >> romney has been lightning lights his business background which santorum sneered at today saying romney wants to be the ceo of america. >> we don't want somebody in washington, d.c. to manage the economy we want someone to get washington out of our lives, get rid of things like romney here at the federal level which we call obama care and do some things to get the economy going. >> reporter: santorum focused on personal stories explaining why he's against abortion. he will campaign ahe
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: the top ticket tonight's event $2,500. a stark contrast to the bay area fundraiser held for mitt romney earlier in the week where tickets started at 100,000 and soared to 250,000. >> this suspect just about raising money. we wanted people to come who wanted to come. >> welcome the next president of the united states rick santorum. >> reporter: as this rally shows shows santorum is also trying to raise his profile in a state he has little support. >> it's good to be here. >> reporter: he compared himself often to president reagan. at the jelly belly factory where he is immortalized in jelly beans. >> we need someone who's not going to be the etch-a-sketch candidate. >> reporter: santorum has not done well campaigning in california. tonight organizers tell me that mr. santorum will be leaving tonight with an extra $100,000. mr.santorum left the party about 20 minutes ago. reporting live in alamo, patti lee. >>> former president george herbert walker bush endorsed mitt romney today to be the next president. mr.bush and wife said that it's time for the nation to be united. romney says he's
breakfasts in georgia to alaska romney's campaign continues. romney stuck to his strategy as the most electable republican. >> the only reason governor romney is winning in these early states is because outspending his opponents, five, six, seven to one. >> reporter: santorum >> reporter: blasted the his main opponent for heavy spending. santorum described his campaign as the vision. >>> i think you lose all credibility if the folks who know you best reputeuate you and i think that will lead to a very spirited campaign in georgia which it has. >> reporter: ron paul is looking ahead to a win in alaska on super tuesday. where he posthis libertarian campaign today. >>> meantime a new nbc news shows rick santorum and mitt romney running neck in neck at the key state of ohio. santorum received 34% of the support. while romney trailed behind with 32%. the two were followed with newt gingrich and ron paul. >>> more and more signs point to an improving economy at least on the national level. lorane blanco tell us how the bay area economy is fairing. >> reporter: business is roaring at toy saf
caucuses mean for mitt romney and rick santorum. >> the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st, polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd and you still need to retire, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? today dense young undocumented emgrants start a march at the governor-elect breath. alex savidge explains that they are punishing lawmakers to push the dream act and buff them a path to citizenship. >> describing themselves as undocumented, and unafraid, these dreamers gathered on the norm end of the golden gate bridge today. >> we're dreamers united and never be divide. >> reporter: to again a 3,000-mile walk to the night nation's capitol. one of them is da silva, bosh in brazil, but brought here by his parents
and alabama will give him a boost against the frontrunner, mitt romney. >> they're trying to force a moderate republican down the throats of the american people. and if we have to go to a convention, we'll win it. i have no doubt about is that. >> earlier santorum accused mitt romney of lying, saying he has supported big government programs and then denied it on the campaign trail. >> i think we are as likely to see after the last primary in june, we're as likely to see a 60-day conversation about what is going to happen as we are to see mitt romney mitt romney dominate. >> and newt gingrich has slammed the opponents, the latest polls in mississippi and alabama place newt gingrich first in tight races. >>> and lindsay graham predicting the race will be over if mitt romney does win on tuesday. mitt romney campaigned in birmingham friday, but along with the candidate ron paul he kept a low profile this weekend. the next big primaries coming up include new york, texas, and california in june. >>> and jury selection continuing tomorrow morning in the trial of san francisco sheriff mirkarimi. 14
straight wins for republican presidential candidate mitt romney after winning the washington state caucuses. romney holds a double-digit lead with about 37% of the vote. ron paul received about 25%. rick is an your name was close behind with 24%. ron paul greeted voters in seattle today in a last-minute bid for caucus votes. paul was the only candidate who spent time in the state. >>> the republican candidates for president are looking ahead to the 10-state supertuesday primaries. mitt romney had sharp criticism for president obama's hamming of the war in afghanistan during a town hall neating in daytona. a woman whose daughter served in afghanistan says her daughter doesn't understand the mission. romney told her, how in the world can the commander-in- chief sleep at night if their are soldiers who don't know what they are doing there? >>> also in ohio rick santorum blamed the rise in single parent family for a society where "morality and freedom are breaking down." the former senate said he will not back away from talking about social issues despite criticism that the tactic may polarize
% of the vote. newt gingrich, 29%, and mitt romney, also had 29%, and ron paul came in last at 5%. in mississippi, the numbers were a little closer, santorum coming away with 33%, newt gingrich, 31, mitt romney, 30, and ron paul, 4%, and craig boswell is watching the returns, a big night with dozens of needed delegates at stake. >> reporter: good evening to you, four contests tonight, all eyes on alabama, mississippi, very highly conservative states with 90 delegates up for grabs. >> reporter: mitt romney, santorum and newt gingrich, running in a virtual dead heat in alabama and mississippi. >> we did it again. >> reporter: fox news now projects santorum winning both alabama and mississippi, the former pennsylvania senator learned of the double victory while speaking to supporters. >> we did? >> reporter: santorum's camp is pressuring newt gingrich to step aside, arguing the candidate flips the vote. newt gingrich has only won south carolina and georgia, and based his entire campaign on a southern strategy. but says he will fight all the way to the convention in august. >> we'll
front runner mitt romney headed to wisconsin today ahead of that state's primary on tuesday. he focused his attack on president obama not the other republicans. >>> president obama did not cause the recession but he most certainly failed to lead the recovery. his stimulus protected government did not protect the american people. >> romney also stopped to buy some cherry pie and reporters asked about the mega millions jackpot. the candidate said he wouldn't be buying a lottery ticket. lately romney has had to defend his wealth estimated at $250 million. >> santorum also attacked romney for making a joke earlier this week about his father firing people. santorum accused his rival of being out of touch with the american people. in the latest poll romney is leading santorum. >>> president obama made an appearance today. he returned to his theme of change. >> there are no americans fighting in iraq. >> he also took a shot at his rival saying abraham lincoln could not win the gop nomination right now. from there he traveled to main for two fundraisers. >>> the secret service is investigating
toss up between mitt romney and rick santorum. all together 419 delegates are up for grabs. most states will divvy them up. the latest average of recent national polls has romney with 38%. that gives them a 12 point lead over rick santorum. we get more now from reporter, chris foster on what the republicans did today to grab delegates tomorrow. mitt romney greeting supporters in ohio hoping to cash in on his momentum after five straight victories. romney pushing his message of wanting to push the economy. >> this is the place of interpreneuroing, and innovators because i want good jobs and rising incomes again, that's what it's all about. >> reporter: rick santorum also campaigning in the buckeye state where the two are polling in a practical dead heat. santorum trying to garner votes and gain the advantage. >> this is the opportunity for ohio to stand up and do what's best. >> reporter: santorum suggested the presence of the former speaker is splitting the conservative vote and holding him back. gingrich enjoying a double digit lead in his home state of georgia says the poll numbers an
, not romney. >> reporter: he leads poll as head of saturday's vote after his southern streak. gingrich has spent extra days in the state and the contest is an important test of his strategy. the fact that he has only won two contests increases the pressure. >> it's a great opportunity to come down and seat leading place in america for bringing in foreign oil and american oil. >> reporter: romney needs a win in the deep south to answer questions about his ability to connect with conservatives. he is nearly half of the 1144 needed to win the nomination. it's about delegates for ron paul too though he is trailing badly in the column his support remains strong. there are 20 delegates at stake saturday. it's the halfway point in the process with wisconsin, maryland and dc up next. in washington craig boswell. >> more details now, let's look at the latest count. romney leading with 563, santorum has 236, less than half of romney's total. gingrich with 13a 5 and ron paul with 50. 1144 are needed for the nomination. >> officials today announced a deal has been reached to save a historic park. i
. >>> in election to 12 news caucuses in two states with two different winners. mitt romney took most of wyoming's delegates and rick santorum won in kansas. the split decision isn't bothering the candidates who are looking toward to next week's primerres. barbara hall reports. >> this is on important election. you have heard everybody say it on our side of the aisle. this may be the most important election in our lifetime. >> reporter: rick santorum lands a victory in the sunflower state. ron paul hasn't won any g.o.p. contests so far, but still says it's everybody's race too win. i never think it's do-or-die for anything. everybody is in the race and there is no declared winner. so i think we're all going to keep doing what we're doing maximizing our chances to get more delegates and we feel good about that. newt gingrich and mitt romney ditched plans to campaign in kansas. they focused on southern states. on campaign stops in mississippi, romney an gingrich made it clear it's time for a new president in the white house. >> this president has not succeeded. this president has failed and that
romney for presidential nominee. romney was on the campaign trail in california and texas today. there have been several positive signs for romney this week. rick santorum said he would considering about his vice presidential running mate. and newt gingrich announced he was reducing his campaign staff. biden faulted romney for pushing tax cuts that fund the very companies that send jobs overseas. >> will we be a company that values the role of workers in the success of businesses and values the middle class? or are we going to move backwards to the same disasterrous philosophy that rewarded speculators, rather than builders? >> biden said the economy is now on the mend under president obama. he pointed to the manufacturing jobs added to the economy since january of last year. >>> democratic campaign treasurer is said to plead going on friday to charges that she embezzled more than $7 million from political campaigns and committees over a decade. senator dianne feinstein was among the victims. >>> american civil liberties union says the fbi gathered intelligence on bay area mosqu
for the white house. mitt romney traveled to pick up votes for this sunday's primary. he supports state hood if that's what the people there want. he also stood by criticism. and very popular. rival candidate rick santorum spent his day campaigning in missouri and illinois. missouri holds caucuses tomorrow. illinois primary is next tuesday. santorum said he's being out spent 10 to 1 by romney. polls show romney ahead of santorum by an average of 6 points there. but santorum is hoping conservative voters will give him the edge as they did on tuesday in mississippi and alabama. >> an analysis of the republic can primaries looks at how much they've spent on advertising. mitt romney has spent $91,000 per delegate. rick santorum about $29,000. newt gingrich, the total is $77,000. and ron paul is getting the least bang for his buck. $129,000 per delegate. >> san francisco has found a way to open parking spots but there's a price. >> and how raising taxes can lead to less money. we'll do the math on the governor's proposal. >>> san francisco is on the cutting edge when comes to helping people find
is in mississippi trying to do the same in alabama. >> mitt romney fresh off two two super tuesday wins is battling for more votes. >> eight out of 10 now say that regardless of who they within the to win, they do believe that romney will be the nominee. >> reporter: romney and his aids have called for the other republican candidates to step aside saying romney will be the nominee and that staying in the race only helps the obama campaign that is well organized, well funded and already working toward the general election. >> we are growing the biggest grass roots campaign in history across the country. >> reporter: santorum surrogates have called for gingrich to bowl out saying they want this to be a real race between a conservative. >>> president obama has released a documentary narrated by tom hanks. the 17 minute video is called the road we've traveled will be released a week from today. the documentary seeks to portray president obama as a determined figure who has tackled a series of difficult challenges during his term. >>> international's women's day. the progress applauded today and where w
when voters for mitt romney and ron paul announced that they were getting together after airshotsing match that caucus end with no vote and a few arrests. results for missouri won't be final for months. delegates don't have to commit to a candidate until state's convention in june. >> there are four people running for president in our party right now. i will support whoever our nominee nominee is. i happen to be i'm the best guy at beating them. >> in southern illinois tonight he emphasizes his business experience. that means he has lived the economy, not just debated about it in congress. romney leads by a few points in illinois polls and received an endorsement from the chicago ruin. >>> tomorrow puerto rico holds its primary for dells. illinois conducts its primary with 69 delegates at state and symbolic importance for ther of president obama's home state. louisiana has 46 delegates up form grabs anyway primary next saturday and in the overall delegate count tonight, romney leads santorum with almost twice as much, 495 to 252. >>> president obama today warned against efforts by
. >>> it's going to be a busy weekend for the gop candidates for president ahead of super tuesday. romney campaigned in washington. he and rick santorum are running neck and neck nationally. today romney set his sights on president obama. >> this guy is out of ideas. and he's out of, he's out of excuses so in 2012 we're getting him out of office. >> and in this election we need a choice, we need a choice. we don't need a choice between tweedle dumb and tweedle dei. >> santorum was referring to his rivals romney and gingrich. saying they are good people but not the right candidate. >>> 302 delegates have been awarded so far, it takes 1,144 delegates to win the republican nomination. president obama joins the fray with a debate on birth control. >>> traveling by b.a.r.t. could soon get a little more expensive. the agency is considering two options to hike fares. b.a.r.t. officials plan to hold meetings before they decide. >>> the castro valley unified school district is going ahead with teacher lay offs and increased class sizes. the board's decision came last night after impassioned pleas
for president. after winning five states on tuesday, mitt romney took most of the day off to recharge his batteries. rick santorum traveled to kansas, which holds caucuses this saturday. santorum acknowledged romney had a good night last night, but is refusing to quit the race. >> we have to do well in kansas. we have to win in kansas. >> newt gingrich took his bid for the white house to alabama today, also refusing to step aside. he's focusing on next week's southern primaries. gingrich took georgia last night. >>> mitt romney holds a big lead in the delegate count with 419. substantial, but not insurmountable. newt gingrich has 107. ron paul trails with just 47. a republican candidate needs 1144 delegates to clinch the nomination. >>> president obama's reelection campaign plans to release a documentary next week. his campaign manager said it will look at the challenges the nation faced, and the strides made during his presidency. it was directed by the same director who did al gore's film, an inconvenient truth. >>> for california voters there's not much of a contest in the presidential
presidential candidate mitt romney picked up a key endorsement today. former florida governor jeb bush announced he is throwing all of his support behind the gop front runner. bush said the nation needs a leader who understands the economy and wants to help all americans to succeed. bush also said, it's now time for the republican party to unite behind mitt romney. rick santorum played off a gaffe by a top romney aid. when the aide was asked if he moved too far to the right, he said everything changes in the campaign. it's like an etch a sketch. santorum is seen here looking at an etch a sketch. >>> it is the biggest manhunt in france in nearly 20 years. forces have surrounded an apartment building, where a suspect in a recent string of killings is holed up. as mike mibach reports, french authorities describe the man as an islamic jihaddist, and said he acted alone. >> reporter: sounds of sadness on a day of funerals. a rabbi, as well as three french paratroopers laid to rest. all seven were shot and killed by one man. >> it wasn't death on the battlefield, but an execution. a terroris
appears to be costing mitt romney. his campaign is scaling back expenses. but mitt romney pointed out he has a million more votes than anybody else. >> the reason for that, i'm talking about the expertise in the economy, how to get people growing, put people back to work. >> newt gingrich appears strong about staying in the race, and calls mitt romney a weak frontrunner. >>> and schwarzenegger to pay a 30,000 fine for violating state campaign laws. the california fair political practice's commission says in 2009, schwarzenegger committed a violation when he used more than a million from a ballot measure committee to push his state budget. schwarzenegger has agreed to pay that fine. >>> and intense reaction to the killings of 16 afghanistan civilians drawing dozens of people to san francisco this evening. >> we're here because we are filled with such shame, and such mourning, and such rage. >> protesters from the answer coalition demanded that the u.s. end the war in afghanistan, and withdraw our troops now. staying any longer, they said, will lead to more massacres. they also said the wa
's primary in the conservative southern state with 49%, front-runner mitt romney won 27% while newt gingrich and ron paul took 16 and 6%. today's win gives santorum nine more delegates to the national republican conference. the former pennsylvania senator spoke to voters in milwaukee. santorum still trails romney in the hunt of delegates, but he says he will press on and the race for the republican nomination. >>> meantime newt gingrich says he will continue his campaign as well. the former house speaker addressed voters at aleadership conference in pennsylvania. voters head to the polls on april 24th. >>> the u.s. usc dornsife poll shows the leader. rick santorum with 23% and newt gingrich and ron paul trail behind with 12 and 10%. still california republicans still have have little enthusiasm for the republican field and half said they would have other candidates competing for the republican bid. >>> former vice president dick cheney is recovering from heart transplant surgery at a hospital in virginia tonight. an aide says the 71-year-old is in intensive care after surgery earlier today.
or its primary tomorrow and 54 delegates are at stake. mitt romney says the economy is improving and the recession is ending. >> there's never been one that we haven't recovered from. the problem is this one has been bigger than it needed to be. >> reporter: romney told people at a pancake breakfast, he is not an economic lightweight but president obama is. >> don't make it about who can best manage washington. or be the ceo of the economy, we need someone who can talk and strike blows for big things like reagan did. for freedom and for america. >> reporter: santorum said he is the only candidate who is faithful to reagan's conservative principals. that santorum is at a disadvantage in illinois because his campaign has failed in several districts. >>> a new poll shows how communication is being transformed. find out what the preferred method is with one age group. >> back here in 10 minutes, why storm tracker is showing a little bit of green. and there's more rain coming up. >> a dated high rise in san jose. we'll take you inside the new high rise casino in the bay. ♪ let me ge
's a three way race pitting romney, santorum and gingrich. >> people who know us best, foam who have worked with the speaker, with senator santorum have lined up behind me. >> people want a conservative for sure, they want to --. >> reporter: two polls give gingrich a small lead in alabama and another shows romney with a bigger margin in mississippi. >>> san francisco is home to the first lgbt super pack on its blog they say they support the president and plan to support his campaign through social media. members say their goal is to reach one million people and raise a million dollars by summer. it features donation links, and a link to involve. >> the staff sergeant accused of killing 16 afghanistan civilians, is a father himself. if found guilty he could face the death penalty. investigators want to know why . why a staff sergeant walked to two villages, breaking in to homes and killing civilian, including three women and nine children. >> he pulled a boy from his sleep shot him. >> reporter: the staff sergeant now in custody who caused such grief is 38, a father, husband, trained sn
in puerto rico and predicted an eventual victory over front runner mitt romney. >> i suspect if we keep winning state after state after state, i'm going to be the nominee. >> reporter: exit polls show voters were overwhelmingly conservative. there are still a handful of delegates yet to be allocated. 1,144 delegates are needed to win the nomination. mitt romney with 495 delegates. santorum has 252, newt gingrich 131, and ron paul 46. >>> cleanup efforts are now underway in santa clara county to clear out tons of debris covers what's become known as the trash home. the front yard of the home on south claremont avenue was visible today. neighbors say the man who lives there is a hoarder. here's what it looked like last month. the santa clara board of supervisors declared the home a public nuisance, and sent in crews to clean it up. >>> an 89-year-old woman targeted by burglars. the precautions neighbors are taking in response to recent crime. >> a well known rapper defends his violent lyrics. hear what his critics had to say. >> and a series of security problems in afghanistan. the latest
romney could resonate here despite the state's strong base of democrats. >> reporter: he has slipped through a slide door here at the hotel tonight and avoid news cameras. those who paid as much as $25,000 to hear him speak say they like what they heard. many of those leaving are executives who say they want someone who understands business in the white house. >> guy running the country now have never made a payroll or managed a pnl or anything. they don't know how it works. >> reporter: before arriving he spoke in san diego. >> i'm convinced that it's time to replace the president with someone who understands what it takes to get good jobs and a raising economy and i intend to do that. >> reporter: with the extended republican primary more and more attention is shifting to california. >> not only california will be in play but also we may have debates and disputes about the nomination up to the convention. >> reporter: dozens of protesters showed up. some acting the part of rich campaign contributors. >> if we give him enough money he can buy the votes . is he just all about cor
need to go on and get the nomination, will you do that for me? >> reporter: mitt romney spent part of his day down playing a comment made yesterday when he mistakingly voiced concerned for mandatory coverage for contraception. he says he misunderstood a report's question. >>> california senator barbara boxer implied companies would opt out for the wrong reasons -- >> reporter: -- >> it allows any insurance company that doesn't want to provide a service, maybe an expensive service to say, i meant to tell you i have a moral objection to this. >> it may not change any minds but this issue will not go away. >> reporter: republicans say companies with religious affiliations should not be forced to provide health insurance for contraceptives. they say the requirement violates the first amendments guarantee of religious freedom. >>> more now on those day of action protests all over the bay area. students at uc santa cruz tried to keep people from entering the university. they only made two exceptions, robert handa tells us. >> reporter: uc santa cruz students blocked the main entrances o
-- relationship with a student. >>>>> romney held a $1,000 a plate breakfast in stockton. a handful of protesters greeted the attendees this morning. the breakfast was held at the home of spanos. first lady michelle obama is coming to the bay area this weekend and she'll be making two stops. she will be attending a democratic commission. then she will take part in the commissioning of the first coast guard ship. that will be happening on coast guard island. >>> perhaps the most important issue of the health care reform law, ktvu's rita williams tells us, one observer said it was like the rally for the congressional law. >> i don't believe the federal government has the authority to force he to buy a commercial product. >> reporter: and law schools around the country were watching closely. >> it's constitutional history being made. from a constitutional lawyer's perspective it's really the world series. >> reporter: that's because today's issue is the foundation of the president's health care overhaul. does the federal government have the constitutional authority to require that all americans have
contests. it also turns out, that mitt romney's big win in michigan last night was good for rick santorum as well. michigan awards its delegates based primarily on congressional districts. since santorum care idea many of them, each candidate received 15 delegates. >> well it was a big night last night for me i was very pleased, arizona and michigan. >> newt gingrich today campaigned in georgia, which has the most number of delegates at stake on super tuesday, and ron paul returned to congress to take on one of his favorite topics, the federal reserve. in 21 minutes, an he can collusive new -- exclusive new in field poll on congress and the job it's doing. >>> the devastating earthquake and tsunami now nearly a year later, ktvu's rita williams reports, some of that tsunami debris is about to reach the west coast. >> reporter: today some japanese students came to san francisco to sayment. >> thank you very much, please support us. >> reporter: the students were evacuated from their homes near the nuclear power plant and never returned. >> our house is around there. >> reporter: students at
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